Why am I here?

I am a #gplusrefugee. I’ve bummed around on several replacement forums and I like Pluspora the best. However like most of that style of forum your posts are just part of your stream. Unless you tag them with something unique they are gone and it is almost impossible to ever find them again. Okay G+ had similar problems but they were nowhere near as pronounced. So I need a blog which, if you don’t have your own server, boils down to Blogger, WordPress or a few minor choices. Blogger is quick and easy to set up but it is run by Google. Google have invited me to to use various of their products and 4 times I have had the product removed from under me leaving me to scrabble for a replacement. So … here I am. WordPress also has the advantage that I can publish directly to Pluspora so I can have my posts as well as the social interaction environment. The problem with WordPress is it is arcane to set up. I am only 46% through the setup and I have encountered an impasse. WordPress wants me to customise something, the default looks adequate to me and I can’t see what I am meant to change and I cant see a way to accept it as is. *sigh* I spend my days trying to encourage good software but you look at commercial offerings and instead of being shining examples they are verging on work experience projects.